What is Montessori?

Dr. Maria Montessori was one of the most influential pioneers of children's education. Being the first female physician in Italy, she developed an educational philosophy based on her scientific observations of children. Her method uses special materials that arouse a child’s spontaneous interest, producing a natural concentration on tasks which does not tire or annoy the children, but rather leaves them rested, with a feeling of inner peace, accomplishment and joy. Montessori discovered that young children possess the unique ability to absorb information from their environments (the absorbent mind). Furthermore, young children's brains can be developed using the five senses and through a progression of different naturally occurring stages (the sensitive periods) where the child would absorb the greatest amount of knowledge and understanding with the least amount of effort.

The Montessori environment is prepared to enable each child to accomplish their goals in their own way and at their own pace. Therefore, Dr. Montessori developed materials that both attract children and enable them to learn effectively. These materials are examples of the essential requisite of a Montessori learning environment – respect for the child and for the way he learns. Children at Lil Beansprouts Montessori are free to move about the classroom, choosing from a carefully prepared environment of multi-sensory, manipulative learning materials for practical life, sensorial, mathematics, language and cultural. The environment supports each individual’s unique development and aids children in becoming self-motivated, self-confident learners.

Practical Life

  • • Enhancement of Life skills • Care of self • Care of the environment • Social Grace & Courtesy


  • Giving the child the “key to the universe” through:-
    • Visual: Size & Dimensions • Visual: Colours & Forms • Tactile • Auditory • Olfactory • Gustatory


  • Teaching of numbers 1-10
    • The Decimal system • Linear Counting • Operations


  • Preparing the child for:-
    • Phonics • Reading • Writing • Function of words (Grammar)


  • Exposing the child to:-
    • Geography • Science • History • Physical Science

Other Activities

  • Enjoying other activities like:-
    • Art & Craft • Music & Movement • Sand Play • Water Play • Play Dough • Computer • Circle Time • Cooking • Games • Nature Walk • Swimming • Physical Activities

Our Syllabus

  • Preparing your child for International school, National school, Chinese school and Home school admissions.
    • We teach in 3 languages, ie. English, Malay and Mandarin; throughout the nursery, childcare, preschool or kindergarten level. However, our main language of speaking is English. Our syllabus caters for International school, National school, Chinese school and Home school admissions. Through the years of running the nursery, childcare, preschool and kindergarten, we have developed a local and international programme that has been tested and proven to be effective and successful. Our syllabus has not only prepared the children for main stream schooling, but we have had countless testimonies of children who have graduated from Lil Beansprouts Montessori and are doing extremely well in both academics and extra curricular activities.


    • Enjoying other facilities like:-
      • air-conditioned classrooms • outdoor playground • garden • swimming pool • sand pit • water play • security